Thursday, January 9, 2014

I've spent many years as a cable technician and seen virtually every problem that can arise with cable service. From picture distortion to broken or damaged cable lines even bad set top boxes. Thousands of dollars are payed by customers to fix issues that are sometimes so simple the customer could fix it themselves without paying that extra service call charge for the tech visit. Depending on what the problems are sometimes there are specialty tools need but these tools can be easily purchased at local stores or online dealers for much less than a visit from the tech not to mention you can use them forever. This is a very informative solution to the ongoing problem of your cable bill rising due to tech visits and service calls. It helps to understand how your cable/satellite works so you know if you really need that tech to come out or not. Tools needed are explained and it's very informative. It also includes a direct email address to contact and ask questions to a tech and get answers to your questions without having to deal with the annoying customer service call with the person on the other end of the line that you can hardly understand, you the person reading the script that says "unplug your box and wait 30 seconds, plug it back in.... nothing.. ok we're sending a tech.... Next week!" This video is an instant download packed with information that will save you big money and costs less than a single tech visit! Why not fix your cable today.. after all your paying for why should you wait for a distant appointment! check it out!

Click here and fix your own cable!